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Electronics Manufacturing

Pcube Tech Solutions is a leading and reliable EMS in Bangalore has business interests and focus in Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics and PCB Assembly. The facility is located in Bangalore south.

Pcube Tech Solutions serves various types of industries like Automobile, Telecommunication, Medical electronics, Instrumentation, Energy Meters, lighting Industry and many more.

Pcube Tech Solutions has a strong team of Technical Expertise and best vendor relationship across the city.



Electronic Manufacturing Services

    ► Electronic Hardware Design and Development

    ► Product Development

    ► PCB Fabrication

    ► PCB Assembly

    ► Box Build & Integration

    ► PCB Layout

Infrastructure & Machineries:
  1. Unit 1: Proto and R&D Division
  2. Unit 2: Manufacturing Facilities
  3. Unit 3: PCB Fabrication

Unit 1: Proto and R&D Division

    ► Premises comprises 1900 sq.ft with 10 with high skilled technicians

    ► Quick turn-around as short as 24 hours

Pcube Tech Solutions Technical expertise to operate and perform the highly integrated and Complex Work

Prototype and short-run assembly capabilities from Pcube :

  1. Orders as small as one board
  2. 24-hour, 48-hour, 3-day,5-day and 10-day turnaround times
  3. Kitted or complete turn-key projects
  4. As small as 01005 passives
  5. BGA, micro BGA, QFN, CSP and CBGA
  6. Package on Package (POP) Assembly
  7. Machine placement from cut strips
  8. RoHS compliant assembly

Our prototype Assembly facility helps to get the prototype board in a short production schedule – depending on the complexity of the product.
Very comprehensively linked to our design services, prototyping enables error detection and potential manufacturing issues at the design stage itself reducing the costly wastage of time and resources.

Product Development:

Our Capabilities Encompass the Full Design Flow from Start to Finish Including :

    ► Schematic Capture

    ► Library Development

    ► Micro BGA / Micro Via / Blind and Buried Vias

    ► DRC checking

    ► Database Construction and Verification

    ► Signal Integrity / Design Verification

    ► EMI Checking

    ► Full Document Package Creation

    ► Final Gerber generation (For Fabrication, Assembly & Drill files)

Unit 2: Manufacturing Facilities:

    ► Factory Premises with 5000 sq.ft with 50 to 60 Employees.

    ► Quick turn-around as short as 24 hours.

    ► ISO-9001 certified unit.

Pcube’s expertise in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards. Today we support high-low mix with a low-medium- high volume solutions to a customer base of more than 25 to 30 customers.
Our production lines are compatible with all currently available component technologies and are ideal for assembly of both large and small series.
Our manufacturing facility accommodates both automated and manual assembly of PCBs and online testing. Our surface mounting PCB assembly lines are best suited for component technologies like 01005, QFP, QFN, BGA, micro BGA, etc...
With continuous improvisation, and the flexible nature of our manual assembly lines, we ensure that our customers changing needs are satisfied.
With our proven experience with advanced lead free manufacturing processes we are able to cater to various high skilled rework matters which pertain to various verticals
Pcube Tech Solutions has a full service PCB assembly company that specializes in PCB assembly. We offer top-of-the-line printed circuit board assembly using SMT surface mount assembly, through-hole assembly and more.
We even offer professional box build assembly services.

Below is a list of some of our most popular PCB Assembly services

    ► Complete PCB assembly

    ► Flexi, flexi-rigid PCBs

    ► Expertise in BGA mounting, rework, part on part and butterfly BGA assemblies

    ► Surface Mount PCB Assembly

    ► Through-Hole PCB Assembly

    ► 01005 Placement, Fine Pitch Components (0.10" pitch)

    ► BGA Assembly Placement and Rework Capabilities

    ► Through-Hole Selective Solder Capabilities

    ► Prototype Assembly

    ► PCB Assembly Manufacturing Consulting

    ► Turnkey PCB Manufacturing

    ► Cable Assembly

    ► Lead Free Assembly

Unit 3: PCB Fabrication:

    ► Premises comprises 2000 sq.ft with 20 Employees

Fabricating PCBs at fast turnarounds in superior quality is at the heart of Pcube’s Strength in Technology.
Backed by several years of experience, we can handle multi-layer rigid PCB, flexible PCB, and rigid flex PCB projects. Over the years, we have been continually investing in new technologies and innovative fabrication techniques to bring you high quality PCB fabrication services. At Sierra Assembly, we own air-conditioned, static free environment to fabricate boards within the specification and quantity that you desire. With reasonable price and professional customer service, the team Sierra serves the customers better and better.

We support :

  1. Single side & Double side from 0.2mm thickness to 1.6mm thickness.
  2. Multi layer PCB from 4 layers to 16 layers for both proto typing and production.